Mercator Pharmaceutical Solutions is a leading supplier and exporter of pharmaceutical and health care products for both human and animal needs. We market a wide range of products covering both the scope of the WHO's essential drug list and the most recent, cutting-edge therapies. 

Our dedication and experience in this global industry have allowed our clients to expand their business presence in their home markets with confidence in the products they sell. All of our products are produced under strict quality control in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) according to WHO standards. We design all the packaging according to our customers’ needs and provide all of the required registration documents. Mercator has registered hundreds of our products around the globe, and work closely with many government health ministries and agencies. 

Our mission is to acquire international suppliers, distributors and government agencies seeking a competent and ethical business partner in Asia for their pharmaceutical, veterinary and health care needs. Our client base extends across 5 continents and 40 markets... from Europe to Africa, the Far East to the Middle East, Mercator products can be found. Allow Mercator to supply you with the highest quality products and unmatched customer service you require to develop and expand your business. 

Why should you buy from Mercator instead of the factory directly?

Many customers ask us why they should deal with a company like Mercator instead of going directly to a manufacturer and buying from them. It is a fair questions and one we have heard many times and so we would like to address it and explain why our company’s service is beyond what an importer can do.


Mercator is made of a group of American and Chinese professionals that know the products and know the business. Our ethical nature and knowledge of the products will set your mind at ease. There are many companies selling low quality and fake products and once we experience our level of professionalism and knowledge you will not risk your hard earned money into the hands of someone you do not trust.


Traveling to manufacturing locations is very expensive. When including air fare, hotels, local trains, buses and cars you will end up spending quite a lot of money to get the same answer the Mercator could tell you about a facility. We have traveled to hundreds of manufacturers and we are able to answer any questions for you without you while in the comfort of your own home. 


Mercator has the experience and knowledge to know what to look for when visiting a manufacturer. What many importers don’t know when coming to see a factory that in China it is legal for a manufacturer to register a product using their facility but then outsource all production to a lesser quality facility. Mercator does not allow our manufacturers to switch the agreed location of production and we have the experience to watch your orders closely to make sure they are completed at the approved facility and on time.


The documentation required to register a pharmaceutical product can often be very complex and unclear. Many manufacturers do not the staff to prepare the registration documents. Mercator’s highly trained registration department is able to amend and translate all registration documents so that registration is completed quickly and easily.


Communication can prove difficult when two parties come from different backgrounds and speak different languages. Mercator’s sales team is comprised solely of educated Americans who have been dealing with customers who speak English as a second language for many years. We know how to communicate and we are sure to understand your meaning in order to get every order according to exactly how you want it.


Most customers buying medical supplies, veterinary products and pharmaceuticals require a large range of products. Most manufacturers only make a handful of products. Mercator is able to coordinate product completion dates with manufacturers, do quality control inspections on all products and ship your goods together in a single shipment.


Payment of course is a major aspect of this business and is important for all the parties involved. When buying from a large number of manufacturers, Mercator has the ability to allow you to pay to one company and yet receive all the products that you require.

How can Mercator help you?


Mercator can source; produce and contract manufacture thousands of different products including pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, medical supplies, and diagnostic test kits. Mercator has extensive knowledge of manufacturers in China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and around the globe and can offer a huge range of products of high quality for the lowest prices in the market.  Mercator knows manufacturers abilities and levels of quality from years of experience and we are able to get rock bottom prices by buying in bulk quantities for our large number of customers from around the globe. We understand that quality and price varies from region to region and factory to factory and we are able to find the quality and price to suite your company’s needs.


The final price a trader pays for a product is paramount in order for them to sell the product and turn a profit, however if the quality suffers even the lowest price will not allow him to sell his products with full customer satisfaction. At Mercator, we understand the importance of this balance and offer the lowest prices on the market while maintaining a high standard of quality. We never sell products below our quality standards in order to beat another company’s price as we feel that selling quality products for low prices will give our customers the advantage in the long run because their products will sell faster and the end consumer will be happier. We are able to offer such low, competitive prices because we have long term relationships with many manufacturers and because we buy for dozens of markets around the world we simply get lower prices. We have the reputation and the volume to convince any manufacturer to give us the rock bottom price and that savings is passed on to you.


Mercator has extensive experience with product registration and pharmaceutical manufacturing. From your first inquiry to us, you will quickly see the experience and knowledge the sales staff has at work for you. Mercator sales replies quickly with technical and detailed answers to any question you may have. Mercator will ask you questions about your country and the products you are interested in registering and importing. It is very important that we understand all the exact requirements your country requires in order to work ahead and ensure the registration is completed in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Mercator knows and understands the limitations and abilities of hundreds of pharmaceutical manufacturers and that knowledge allows us to the correct location to produce your products. Every country has very specific and strict rules to pharmaceutical registration in areas of documentation, factory inspections, pharmacopoeia standards and packaging details. Mercator has the experience and patience to walk our customers through the requirements to complete difficult registrationsin minimal time.


The services offered by Mercator’s sales team are unparalleled to any other company in the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to work quickly and accurately. Mercator updates its customers on the status of their orders, shipments and accounts very frequently and works with their customers to ensure they are able to compete in their market to the best of their abilities. 


Every market is different and Mercator understands pharmaceutical brands need attractive designs in order for their customers to take a large piece of the market. At Mercator, we design packaging and create brands that reflect your market and the level of quality and trust you want your customers to keep coming back for. We start off by sending you as many designs as you want to choose from. We will custom tailor all designs and packaging specifications to make sure your brand is exactly how you want it represented in the market.


Government tenders sponsored by the World Bank and other government bodies require many technical documents, organization and deadlines for delivery. At Mercator we work with our partners to ensure they get the prices, paperwork and delivery time to win the tenders they bid on and flawlessly execute the delivery of the tender. Potential clients should understand that Mercator does not bid on tenders directly. We can source all the products required for the tender, ensure quality specifications and time constraints are met but we will only move forward with tenders if we have a competent and experienced partner that will bid on the tender directly.